Wishing Well Wording Idea 1

 Our Wedding Day will soon be due,

So an invite we extend to you,

To help us share our special day,

And have some fun along the way,


And as tradition does decree,

No doubt a gift you'll choose for we

But our home's built already friends

And filled to peak with odds and ends.


We have no need for pots and pans,

Or toasters, lamps or ceiling fans,

We've got the lot, as you can tell,

So we'd prefer a wishing well.


  What's that you ask, let us explain,

From buying gifts you may refrain,

Instead tis cash we do request,

To start our married life with zest.


This gesture we'd appreciate,

And with our love reciprocate,

So come and see us walk the aisle,

And share our day and make us smile.


If choosing a gift is not your cup of tea, You might like to try our Myer Gift Registry

Please feel no obligation to use this list. As we do not mind if you give it a miss

If finding time to shop is hard to do Our wishing well is just for you!

A gift of money is placed in the well


Wishing Well Wording Idea 2


Over the past 8 years that we have been together,

we have been lucky enough to acquire most

of what we need to be

comfortable, so no gifts are necessary.

Instead we will be having a Wishing Well.

If you wish to make

a tribute it would be greatly appreciated

and we would certainly welcome a card to mark

 Your presence on

our wedding day.

will be a memory

most treasured

However if you were

thinking of giving a gift,

a gift of cash in

our wishing well

would really

make our day



Wishing Well Wording Idea 3


 More than just kisses so far we've shared

Our home has been made with love and care

Most things we need we've already got

and in our home we can't fit a lot;

A wishing well we thought would be great

(But only if you wish to participate)

A gift of money is placed in the well

then make a wish.......but do not tell;

Once we've replaced the old with the new

We can look back and say it was thanks to you;

And in return for your kindness, were sure

that one day soon you will get what you wished for

 make a wish ... But do not tell!


Wishing Well Wording Idea 4


We've ben together for sometime and have accumulated a lot of stuff. Pots and pans we already have, toasters and towels as well. The perfect gift we could receive is money in our Wishing Well.

If however, it is a gift you find, please fel assured we would not mind.


Wishing Well Wording Idea 5


Our house is quite complete now

We've been together long.

So please consider this request

and do not take it wrong.

A wishing well will be present

on the day we wed.

And if you choose in lieu of a present

you may give a monetary gift instead.

Make a wish upon your gift

and careful as you do.

Because as the well's traditon goes

your wishes may come true. 


Wishing Well Wording Idea 6


If finding a gift is hard to do,

our wishing well is just for you!

 A gift of money is placed

in the well,

then make a wish...

but do not tell!


If it is, however, a gift you find,

please feel assured we

will not mind.

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